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Twinkle Starglitter (Étincelle Poudre in the French dub), simply known as Twinkle, is one of the main characters in the series. She is a fairy, having lived on The Enchanted Island until she was banished by the Fairy Queen (who she inadvertently turned into a frog). She is part of the "Super 4" group and is a former (or current) apprentice of the Grand Fairy.


Generally, Twinkle is very warm-hearted and gentle, due to her status as a fairy forbidding her from committing bad deeds.

Although she has good intentions and tries her best to be helpful, sometimes her magic spells don't go to plan and end up being a hindrance. On the other hand (especially in later episodes), she proves that she can be as much of a team player as the other Super 4 members and contributes just as much to the team, getting them out of many tight situations.

Twinkle is sometimes portrayed as slow or unintelligent. In the episode "I'm the King", she is unable to understand why her friends want her to transform Fourchesac into the king, failing to realise that Fourchesac had swapped bodies with King Kendric beforehand. Furthermore, in "Appetite for Destruction", her friends deceive an ogre to stop him from eating them, while Twinkle believes that they are simply befriending the ogre.

However, Twinkle does have moments where she shows some : in "All That Glitters", while her friends struggle to solve a simple riddle, it is Twinkle who comes up with the solution, allowing them to escape a booby trapped cave.


Twinkle has short light-blue hair and blue eyes. She wears a pink dress and white slippers. As a fairy, she has wings and a wand.

Abilities and Items[]

She has a simple transparent magic wand with a little gold star on top. As revealed in the episode "Grey Magic" by the Grand Fairy, Twinkle is the most powerful fairy after the Queen. This could explain why she has great difficulty controlling her own powers.

Notable Relationships[]

Super 4[]


Alex is the first character that she meets after being banished from The Enchanted Island by the Fairy Queen. As a contrast to the way she is treated in her homeland, Alex seems to care a lot about Twinkle's feelings, especially when she is sad or discouraged and always comforts her when she's lonely or needs a hand. Because of this, Twinkle looks up to Alex a lot and admires his bravery and resilience and he is always the first one she turns to when she is distraught or needs help.


Even if Ruby tends to make fun of her sometimes, she and Twinkle are like best friends. In the episode "Origins - part 3", Ruby helped Twinkle feel better after that she was banished form her home. Furthermore, in the episode, "Rage of the Dragon" Twinkle was the only one who understood that the dragon was actually Ruby, which prevented Alex and Gene from harming her and helped her return to her human form. This shows how well she understands Ruby and cares for her, highlighting their friendship.


Gene and Twinkle provide a contrast in the show because Gene, a scientist, does not believe in magic and Twinkle, a magical being, does not understand science (or appreciate its true value.)  While this causes tension between the two of them, they are still good friends who help each other despite their differences. In the second season, Gene and Twinkle start to understand and respect each other more.

The Fairy Queen[]

As the one who turned her into a frog, Twinkle has a dreadful relationship with the Fairy Queen (who banished Twinkle from The Enchanted Island). The queen is full of resentment for her and longs to see Twinkle turned into a frog as well, as revenge for the humiliation she suffers as a frog in front of her subjects. Not only this but the Fairy Queen blames Twinkle for anything wrong that happens within The Enchanted Island even when Twinkle appears to be completely innocent. Although Twinkle has tried numerous times, she is not able to permanently turn the queen back into a human and she feels guilty about this every day.

The Grand Fairy[]

The Grand Fairy is the only fairy on The Enchanted Island who recognizes Twinkle's strong magical powers. She is also the only one who believes in Twinkle and realizes her desire to restore the Fairy Queen's human appearance. Because of this, during Twinkle's rare visits to The Enchanted Island, the Grand Fairy is usually the one she turns to for help, as she feels she is the only fairy she can trust since Twinkle is seen as an outcast in her homeland.

Name in other languages[]

  • Étincelle ( French )
  • Brilli ( Italian )
  • Espurna ( Catalan )
  • 트윙클은 ( Korean )
  • Твинкл ( Russian )
  • Χαρά ( Greek )
  • Etancel ( Portuguese )
  • Csillám ( Hungarian )
  • Iskierka ( Polish )


  • Unlike most of the other characters in the series, she has a last name: Starglitter in the English dub and Poudre (meaning dust or powder) in the French dub.
  • She and Ruby were the first characters created for the series.
  • She appears to be the only member of the "Super 4" who is left-handed.
  • She is the only one out of the "Super 4" who does not have her own "Origins" series: Ruby has "Ruby, Queen of the Seas"; Gene has "Gene, Techno-Explorer"; and Alex has "Origins".


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