Twinkle Starglitter (Etincélle Poudre in the French dub) or simlpy known as Twinkle, is a fairy that has been banished from her land because she accidentally turned the Fairy Queen into a frog and seems to have a hard time turning her back. She has become infamous for her poor ability at magic due to how often she messes up spells. None-the-less, she does insist on casting spells quite often.

She is supposedly is one of the founders of the team, and a former (or either still current) apprentice of the Grand Fairy.

Personality Edit

Twinkle is quite bubbly but dizzy. She tries to be helpful and well-meaning as best she can, even though her magic wand usage often backfires and hinders more than helps. But later she proves that she can be as much of a team player as the other Super 4 members and contributes just as much to the team, getting them out of jams. This is perhaps most notable when she temporarily became the leader after taking a medallion and there was the loss of gravity in Technopolis. She assisted and successfully managed to have gravity returned to the technological city.

Appearance Edit

She has short light-blue hair and blue eyes. She wears a pink dress and white slippers. As a fairy she has wings and a wand.

Abilities and Items Edit

She has a simple transparent magic wand with a little gold star on top.

As revealed in the episode "Gray Magic" (second season) by the Wise Fairy, Twinkle is the most powerful fairy after the Queen. This could explain why she has great difficulty controlling her own powers.

Relationships Edit

Alex Edit

Alex is the first character that she meet in the beginning and her best friend and seems to care a lot about Twinkle's feelings especially when she cries.

Ruby Edit

Even if Ruby tend to make fun of her sometimes, she and Twinkle are like best friends. In the Origins episodes Ruby helped Twinkle to feel better after that she was banished form her home. Meanwhile in  "Rage of the Dragon " Twinkle was the only one who understood that the dragon was actually Ruby.

Gene Edit

Gene and Twinkle provide a contrast in the show becuase Gene, a scientist, does not believe in magic and Twinkle, a magical being, does not understand science (or fully see it's value.)  While this causes tension between the two of them, they are still good friends who help each other despite their differences. In the second season is shown that both Gene and Twinkle started to actually respect each other.

Name in other languages Edit

  • Étincelle ( French )
  • 트윙클은 ( Korean )
  • Твинкл ( Russian )

Trivia Edit

Her last name is Starglitter in the english dub and Dust in the french dub.

She and Ruby were the first characters created for the series.