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The Song of the Stork
The Song of the Stork.jpg
Season 1, Episode 11
Vital statistics
Air date November 7th 2014
Written by Cyril Tysz
Directed by Cyril Adam, Arnaud Bouron
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The Song of the Stork (Le chant de la cigogne in French) is the 11th episode in Season 1 of the Super 4 series.


Fourchesac is making a love potion to cause Princess Leonora to fall in love with The Black Baron, but being out of a required ingredient, stork song, he uses crow's call instead. The resultant potion turns the whole castle into lovestruck zombies, leaving Ruby to try and save them by persuading a real stork to sing!


The episode begins with The Black Baron demanding Fourchesac to make a love potion, revealing his plan of marrying Leonora and becoming the king of Kingsland. The Super 4 arrive, remarking their joy at King Kendric's birthday. Fourchesac is now shown making the potion, pouring many strange ingredients into a cauldron and stirring the mixture with a cupid's arrow. However, he is missing one vital ingredient: stork's song. Having only five minutes left to complete the potion, he uses a crow's call instead, causing the cauldron to blow up in his face, turning him into a mindless zombie, obsessed with hugging others which spreads the infection.

Eventually, King Kendric falls under this spell, as does The Black Baron, Leonora and The Colossus. Noticing that something has gone wrong, the Super 4 arrive, but are unable to stop them. Ruby and Alex retreat to the courtyard, while Gene, Twinkle and Alien rush to Fourchesac's room to find out the cause of their behaviour. Twinkle deduces that the love spell must have gone wrong, and says the only cure is to make a stork sing. However, Gene and Alien are unable to hold the love-zombies off any longer and are both converted, with Twinkle managing to escape.

The episode cuts to Ruby and Alex, who are hiding from the now infected knights of Kingsland. Twinkle joins them and shares the information and solution, but they are discovered by the knights. They use The Chameleon's catapult to get onto the castle ramparts, escaping their pursuers. Fortunately, they manage to find a stork, and prepare to follow it, but they are attacked by The Black Baron and The Colossus, and Twinkle falls under the spell.

The remaining duo retreat within the castle to follow the stork. Alex manages to lure it towards Ruby, but is left vulnerable and is eventually converted by Twinkle. Ruby becomes cornered by the threat, and makes one last desperate attempt to make the stork sing, which it does, curing the entire kingdom. The Black Baron's plans are foiled and the episode ends with the people of Kingsland celebrating the rest of King Kendric's birthday.





  • At one point in the episode, Alex states that only fairies are capable of making storks sing. However, it is Ruby who ultimately ends up making it sing. This is most likely an oversight.