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No-one can stop the most expert swordsman in Kingsland!

—The Black Baron, All Together Now - part 2


The Black Baron's Sacrifice

The Black Baron fakes his own death in order to steal the Sword of Power.


The Black Baron (sometimes referred to as The Dark Baron) is a wealthy lord of high status and power who lives in the southern areas of Kingsland. The main villain in his homeland and one of the most prominent antagonists in the series, he has become infamous for his countless attempts to take the throne of Kingsland.


The Black Baron is a tall, slender man - dressed in a black suit, with some metal shoulder guards. Around his neck, is a necklace with a red gem.


The Black Baron is very charismatic, crafty and resourceful; whenever he makes an appearance, he usually has a cunning plan in order to accomplish his goal, whether it be taking over the Kingsland throne or capturing the Super 4.

The baron is normally cool, calm and collected - especially when his plans are carried out to perfection. However, there are often moments where he can become frustrated and angry, mostly due to the incompetence of his troops and/or the Super 4 foiling his plans.

He is also very deceptive and charming, able to trick most of the other characters into helping him in his bid to become the king of Kingsland; such as in the episode "Ruby, Queen of the Seas - part 3" where he manages to turn all the knights against Ruby, despite her doing nothing wrong.

Combining all these traits make him one of the most powerful characters in the series and while it seems like this is true, the baron is held back by a number of unfavourable characteristics. Firstly, he can come off as somewhat of a coward. This is especially evident when he faces off against something like a troll or a dragon, where he tends to avoid confrontations with such creatures. Another flaw that he has is his infamy. It is well known throughout Kingsland that the baron will do whatever he can to replace King Kendric as king and therefore, other characters become more alert and suspicious when he is around.


As the show does not have a set timeline, the baron's life before his current state is largely shrouded in mystery, apart from a few minor details in the series.

The Black Baron makes his first appearance in the episode "Princely Wedding", an episode largely focussed on his intention to marry Princess Leonora. In the episode, he reveals his desire to become the king of Kingsland, something he would later become synonymous with throughout the series.

A direct contrast to his personality in "Princely Wedding"; in the episode "Rage of the Dragon", after trying to win Leonora's heart by capturing a tamed dragon for her (a species notoriously difficult to control), he plans to "get rid of his future wife" after marriage, suggesting that he only sees her as a stepping stone for him to become the king.

It is not only his attempts to become the king that showcase his megalomaniacal behaviour; in the episode "Baby Dragon", the baron plans to capture a dragon egg in order to raise it until it becomes an adult dragon, a creature of incredible destructive power. Similarly, in "Sir Cleano", he uses Dr.X's powerful cleaning robot, Cleano, to take the golden teapot by force - thus making him the king of Kingsland for a short period of time.

Sometimes, the baron isn't even interested in becoming the king: in episodes such as "Saturday Knight Fever" and "Light My Fire", instead of trying to steal the king's throne, he instead tries to endear himself to the knights of the castle, wanting to be seen as a hero in Kingsland as opposed to a villain. This idea is more freely explored in Season 2.

In the episode "Appetite for Destruction", the baron claims that he is a "sensitive being" who has been "senselessly excluded" from the rest of Kingsland, providing a little bit of backstory and insight as to why the baron is so persistent with his attacks on King Kendric's castle.

He plays a major role in both Alex and Ruby's origin stories ("Origins" and "Ruby, Queen of the Seas" respectively) making him one of the most important and prominent characters in the entire series.

Despite his renowned status as villain, in some episodes, he can become a sort of protagonist. In "The Dark Unicorn", the baron works together with the Super 4 to help restore a unicorn that had been inadvertently turned 'dark' by Fourchesac. Likewise, as with most other villains in the series, the baron works in conjunction with the Super 4 once more in order to defeat the Sykronians, who had threatened to destroy their world in the finale of Season 2, "All Together Now".

Abilities and Items[]


The baron's most prized asset is his sword: his swordsmanship and skill are second to none.


The baron also has his own castle, where he houses all his troops (the most notable being Rypan and The Colossus), which he is able to call upon during sieges and other fights against King Kendric.

Notable Relationships[]

Super 4[]

Despite not necessarily hating the Super 4, the baron still finds them bothersome as they always seem to get in his way whenever he attempts to overthrow King Kendric. Because of this, he has developed a strong disliking for them. However, and especially in the later episodes, the baron shows that he will not hesitate to co-operate with them if he can get what he wants.

Prince Alex[]

Since Alex is the son of King Kendric and heir to the throne of Kingsland, The Black Baron has a sort of rivalry with him. His endless attempts at becoming the king of Kingsland are continuously thwarted by Alex, causing the baron to become more and more frustrated at each failed attack. Furthermore, since the baron believes himself to be the most talented swordsman in Kingsland, his constant losses to Alex only serve to infuriate him more and see him as an arch-enemy more than a rival.

Royal Family[]

King Kendric[]

Due to The Black Baron's extreme desire to become the king of Kingsland, him and King Kendric have a rocky relationship. On one hand, the baron's constant barrage of attacks on the king's castle suggests that they are enemies. On the other, King Kendric's insistence on inviting The Black Baron to the major tournaments in Kingsland implies that the king sees his relationship with the baron as nothing more than a rivalry. Although the baron does not particularly dislike the king, he is still an obstacle he must surpass in order to become king himself.

Princess Leonora[]

Initially, it may seem that Leonora is the baron's love interest, but this is not the case - in Leonora, he sees a ticket to the throne of Kingsland. He has attempted multiple times to trick the princess into falling in love with him, through the use of various love potions or medallions. The reason behind this is that, if he and Leonora get married, then The Black Baron will immediately become the king of Kingsland, which is his ultimate goal. Normally, they share a pretty unhealthy relationship as Leonora finds him displeasing and has no intention of marrying him - much to his dismay.


As his right-hand man, Rypan vows to do all the dirty work for his master. The baron trusts him as his personal bodyguard, and Rypan is always on cue to carry out the baron's plans to overthrow the king (even if they don't always work). Because of this, the baron respects Rypan a lot, calling him "Sir Rypan" on a lot of occasions.

Baba Cara[]

Though they are not conventional friends, The Black Baron does seem to have a strong relationship with Baba Cara. This is because they both have similar aims: to overthrow the ruler of their respective homelands. Not only this, but since they have both grown tired of having their plans foiled by the Super 4, they found it necessary to work together, although their combined strength is still not enough to fulfil their goals.


The Black Baron considers Fourchesac to be very valuable asset, as he believes he can use Fourchesac's powerful magic potions to aid him in his quest to become the king of Kingsland. However, the practical use of these potions leaves a lot to be desired, and the baron often talks harshly of Fourchesac, accusing him of being lazy, lethargic and mistake-prone. Since the baron pays him well, he expects great things from Fourchesac - though he rarely delivers.


  • "Come into my arms, brother in law!" to Alex, referencing his planned marriage to Leonora (First Quote).
  • "I'm so wonderful!" - the baron revelling in his own genius after successfully stealing gold from the king.
  • "Bow to your new king!" - the baron after being crowned the king of Kingsland.
  • "And tomorrow... I will be the king!" - the baron reveals his reason behind marrying Leonora.

Name in other languages[]

  • Le Baron Noir ( French )
  • Der Shwarze Baron ( German )
  • Чёрный Барон ( Russian )
  • Barão Negro ( Portuguese )
  • Barón Negro ( Spanish )
  • Siyah Baron ( Turkish )
  • Černý Baron ( Czech )
  • Baronul Negru ( Romanian )
  • Musta Paroni ( Finnish )
  • Barone Nero ( Italian )
  • Czarny Baron ( Polish )


  • In the episode "Sir Cleano", it is revealed that the Black Baron's hair is actually a result of Fourchesac's magic potions - as without them - he would be completely bald.


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