Welcome to my castle

—The Black Baron, Tower Trouble

Overview Edit

The Black Baron (or Dark Baron, depends of the dub) is the main villain in Kingsland and one of the main antagonists in the series. In most episodes, he is seen trying to overthrow King Kendric and take the throne for himself, but sometimes he is just trying to win over the knights in the kingdom or increase his own wealth.

Appearance Edit

The Black Baron has a tall, slender frame, dressed in a black suit, with some metal shoulder guards. He also wears a necklace with a red gem.

Personality Edit

The Black Baron is very charismatic, crafty and resourceful; whenever he makes an appearance, he usually has a cunning plan to try and accomplish his goal (whether it be taking over the Kingsland throne, or capturing the Super 4). He's normally cool, calm and collected - especially when his plans are carried out to perfection. However, there are often moments where he can become frustrated in angry, mostly due to the incompetence of troops and/or the Super 4 foiling his plans.

Abilities and Items Edit

The Baron's most prized asset is his sword - his swordsmanship and skill are second to none. He also has his own castle, where he houses all his troops (the most notable of which being Rypan and The Colossus), which he is able to call upon during sieges and other fights against King Kendric.

Relationships Edit

The Baron don't really have any notable relationships but he seems to co-operate with Baba Cara in multiple episodes. He also seems to respect his knight Rypan as he is his most dependable of all his troops - labelling him his right hand man. He is also seen with Fourchesac in a lot of episodes, whom he pays to use his magical powers to overthrow the King.

Name in other languages Edit

  • Baron Noir ( French )
  • Shwarzer Baron ( German )

Trivia Edit

  • In the episode "Sir Cleano", it is revealed that the Black Baron's hair is actually a result of Fourchesac's magic potions - as without them - he would be completely bald.
  • In the episode "Appetite for Destruction", the Black Baron claims that he is "senselessly excluded" from the rest of Kingsland, which suggests that his animosity towards the King and the rest of the residents of Kingsland has backstory.

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