Overview Edit

Technopolis is an island based on a futuristic era. It is a heavily technologically based city, full of robots and flying vehicles. It is housed in a glass dome, with a couple blast doors acting as transport in and out of the city. Technopolis ruled by Dr.X, with Magda and Franz being known inhabitants. Gene also used to live here but left to experience action and adventure with the Super 4.

Geography Edit

Technopolis is situated to the south of Kingsland and The Enchanted Island and to the west of Gunpowder Island.

Significant Locations Edit

Dr.X's Tower Edit

As the ruler of Technopolis, Dr.X resides in a colossal tower, near the middle of the city. It has numerous levels which are guarded by robots to prevent break-ins. His tower acts as his home, as well as his base of operations and he keeps all his inventions there. As well as this, he owns a safe, which is where he keeps his most important items and most coveted inventions (and other scientists' inventions).

Known Inhabitants Edit

Gene Edit

Despite being from there, Gene hardly spends any time at all in Technopolis after the events of Gene, Techno-Explorer - part 4. However, he often visits when major events occur, like Dr.X needing to test his latest experiments, stopping others from attacking Technopolis, or to attend events such as Techvalia in the episode "The Metal Age" or the robot race in the episode "Go Ruby".

Dr.X Edit

As well as being one of the best scientists in Technopolis, Dr.X is shown to be the ruler. Although he is intelligent, he gets quite jealous of others, most notably Gene. In the episode Gene's Four, it is shown that Dr.X confiscates the projects of other scientists and keeps them in a highly guarded safe.

Franz Edit

Franz is depicted as a huge Super 4 fan. At some point, he decided to leave Technopolis to become an adventurer like his heroes.

Magda Edit

Magda is a very skilled scientist, similar to Gene and Dr.X. As a result of this, she is captured by Baba Cara and forced into giving her technology. Upon being saved and seeing Gene's abilities, she asks him to come back to Technopolis with her and become one of the high ranking scientists, confused about why he would waste his time with the rest of the Super 4. Eventually, Gene declines the offer, and Magda returns to Technopolis.

Negative 4 Edit

The Negative 4 were accidentally created by Dr.X in a duplication experiment gone wrong, but no longer reside there as they were destroyed by Gene.

Cleano Edit

A robot made for the sole purpose of cleaning, though it is sometimes used by villains for malicious purposes and is susceptible to multiple malfunctions, both of which wreak havoc.

Sentinels Edit

The basic robots made by Dr.X. They usually act as guards.

Computer Supreme Edit

A supercomputer created by Dr.X. It acted as ruler of Technopolis until Gene and Lenny deactivate it.

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