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You can't make a galactic omelette without breaking a few planets...

—Sykronior, Special Invaders


Sykronior 6 (usually just referred to as Sykronior) is a character who first appeared in the first episode of season 2: Special Invaders. He is the proud leader of the Sykronian race.


As a Sykronian, he bears many similarities to them, such as green skin and pink eyes, and can often be seen with a helmet. However, he is much shorter than his guards, and has two tentacles protruding from his face, which he frequently pulls on when he is angry.


Sykronior is seen as planet patriotic, believing his race to be the greatest. He's also incredibly narcissistic and self-obsessed, making his people constantly praise him and follow him blindly. Additionally, Sykronior has a short temper, becoming furious and agitated when his plans are failing. In this case, his narcissism shows through again as he refuses to take any blame for the failure of his plans, instead scolding his troops relentlessly, labelling them "incompetent fools".


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