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Sir Archibald is a knight who resides in King Kendric's castle in Kingsland. He is one of the higher ranked knights, often seen by the king's side. Unlike most knights though, Archibald is less inclined to fight and prefers to directly serve King Kendric instead.


Archibald wears pretty standard knight clothing: yellow pants with brown boots, a metal chestplate, shoulderguards and gauntlets. He has ginger hair and a goatee.


In contrast to the behavior of other knights, Archibald is very cowardly and faint-hearted; whenever the castle is put under any kind of danger or threat - and when the other knights are facing the danger head on, he instead starts to panic wildly (causing him to be unable to speak or think properly) and hide wherever he can to avoid the threat. That being said, there are times where he does get involved in the action (albeit rarely).

Abilities and Items[]

Like most knights, Archibald is well trained with a sword and will use it when necessary (although he prefers to avoid any confrontation).

Notable Relationships[]


As a knight, Archibald serves to protect the royal family (King Kendric, Princess Leonora and Prince Alex). As such, he is loyal towards them and will generally do whatever it takes to keep them away from danger - though his lily-livered nature prevents him from doing this properly.

The Knights[]

Archibald treats his fellow knights with utmost respect - especially Sir Gareth and Sir Ulf who are the two highest-ranked knights in the castle. The knights also show Archibald some respect as well, as they know how trustworthy and loyal he is to King Kendric despite his lack of fighting ability.