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Ruby, Queen of the Seas is a mini-series of episodes in Season 1 covering Ruby's backstory.


Ruby, Queen of the Seas - part 1[]

Rubens, while trying to catch a fish, ends up pulling in a basket, containing a baby. Rubens is forced to then adopt the baby, naming her "Ruby". Ruby grows up to become obsessed with becoming a pirate, despite all the other pirates on the island (including her father) telling her that she cannot due to her gender. Tired of waiting, Ruby steals one of Sharkbeard's ships and sails off on her own in a quest to prove that she is a real pirate.

Ruby, Queen of the Seas - part 2[]

Ruby reaches Kingsland, where she meets a knight by the name of 'Sir Ulf the Crusher'. Determined to steal the treasure of Kingsland, Ruby manages to defeat Sir Ulf in a swordfight. However, Ulf reveals that there never was any treasure, which upsets Ruby because she now has no means of paying off Sharkbeard in exchange for her father's freedom. Sir Ulf offers her a position as an apprentice knight, which Ruby accepts, as knights are paid in gold coins.

Ruby, Queen of the Seas - part 3[]

Ruby's first day as a knight goes without major incident, with Sir Ulf handing her a bag of coins at the end of the day. The next day, however, Ruby is tasked with protecting the king's treasure (including the sacred golden teapot). She manages to catch The Black Baron's troops stealing the treasure, but, in her attempt to stop them, she is caught by Sir Gareth. Ruby is then forced to flee Kingsland and return to Gunpowder Island to free Rubens.

Ruby, Queen of the Seas - part 4[]

Riding a dragon, Ruby reaches Gunpowder Island and is prepared to give Sharkbeard some money to free her father. Sharkbeard takes the money but doesn't fulfil his promise and he orders pirates chase Ruby away. Left with no money or sabre, Ruby returns to her dragon, using it to scare away her pursuers. After getting past the other pirates, she fights Sharkbeard, eventually emerging victorious. Ruby and Rubens manage to escape Gunpowder Island, meeting up with Sir Ulf in Kingsland. The series ends with Ruby sailing away in her ship in search of more adventure.