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I'm Ruby Red, the most fearsome pirate on the high seas!

—Ruby, Origins - part 2


Ruby's a Pirate

Ruby steals The Golden Teapot in comedic fashion.


Ruby Red (mostly just referred to as Ruby) is one of the main characters in the series. She is a pirate, having lived on Gunpowder Island since she was a baby (although it is unknown where she was born) and is part of the "Super 4" team.


Ruby wears brown boots and pants, with a white and red jacket; a pirate hat on her head, and an earring. She has black eyes and blue hair.


Ruby likes to act tough and fearless as she believes these are qualities that she must have (as a pirate). However, she is usually playful and silly around her friends and is caring and kind when the situation calls for it.

Abilities and Items[]

Ruby always carries her trusty sabre which used to belong to Rubens before he gave up being a pirate (it still has his name engraved in it). She also knows a lot about operating the cannons on Gunpowder Island although this ability isn't exclusive to her and is much more prominent among the other pirates.

Notable Relationships[]

The Pirates[]

Generally, Ruby is disliked among the pirates, as they believe that a girl like Ruby is not worthy of becoming one of them. However, Ruby consistently proves them wrong which only causes their hatred for her to grow.


Rubens adopted Ruby as a baby and having lived together for so long, they have developed a strong bond. However, Ruby's dream of becoming a pirate caused the two to argue a lot. She sometimes mentions him and talks about her upbringing in the tavern. Ruby also owns a family heirloom (a centuries old sardine) which was passed down to her (the heirloom likely being from Rubens' side of the family), before being unfortunately eaten by Alex.


At first, Ruby seemed to admire and look up to Sharkbeard, becoming bewildered and excited whenever he retold his tales at sea. However, Sharkbeard became very hostile towards Ruby, claiming that "girls can't be pirates" and blaming her for Rubens' (his best swordsman) retirement from pirating. Because of this, she recognises him as her enemy and is always looking to one-up Sharkbeard and foil his dirty schemes.

Super 4[]


Ruby generally gets on well with Alex, as they both excel close quarters combat due to their exceptional swordsmanship. She's also fond of his father, as he is very wealthy - and Ruby, staying true to her pirate nature, has an insatiable desire for gold. Furthermore, Alex's acute perception and awareness makes up for Ruby's reckless and impulsive behaviour which has saved her multiple times from dangerous situations.


As with Alex, Ruby also has a good relationship with Twinkle - albeit slightly less so, as Ruby is seen on numerous occasions to get angry whenever Twinkle uses her magic powers against her. Also, as a pirate, Ruby can be caught stealing or cheating, which opposes Twinkle's good morals (as a fairy) Despite some differences between the pair, they complement each other well and remain great friends.


Naturally, as Gene is the most intellectual and least social of the group, Ruby finds him to be quite monotonous and arrogant most of the time. However, Gene's plethora of exciting gadgets never fail to amuse Ruby and they usually get on well whenever he isn't egotistically displaying his vast knowledge.

Name in other languages[]

  • 루비 ( Korean )
  • Руби ( Russian )
  • Ρούμπι ( Greek )
  • Rubin ( Norwegian )


  • In old concept arts, Ruby can be seen with black coloured hair, but this was later changed to blue. This can also be seen in pictures that Sharkbeard hands to her in the episode "Saving Pirate Sharkbeard".
  • Although Ruby wears an earring, it is interesting to note that she has no ears. Instead, the earring is attached to her hair.


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