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Rubens was one of Sharkbeard's fellow crewman who spends his days working in the Gunpowder Island tavern, providing food and drinks for the rest of the pirates on the Island. Rubens is also the foster father of Ruby who found her as a baby, which as a result had to retire his life of piracy to raise her.

During Rubens' pirating days it's implied he was an experienced swordsman; claimed by Sharkbeard, calling Rubens '' one of his best swordsman ''.


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Rubens is seen to be hot-headed and kinda stubborn at times, though unlike the other pirates he is seen to be caring and soft-hearted; similar to that of Ruby and especially towards her.



Rubens took Ruby under his wing after rescuing her as a baby, who was stranded at sea in a basket which got caught in one of Sharkbeard's ships, he is seen to be overprotective of her which causes fights between the two due to Ruby's stubborn nature which gets herself into trouble.

Although against her dreams of becoming a pirate, Rubens would set Ruby on tasks to see if she was actually worthy of becoming a pirate when she was little; even going out of his way with the help of Sir Ulf to steal one of Sharkbeard's ships and give it to her as a gift, allowing Ruby to full-fill her longing dream of becoming a true pirate.


Very little is known of Rubens' relationship with Sharkbeard though it could be possible they were close at some point; given Sharkbeard's resentment towards Ruby after Rubens taking her under his wing, which likely caused them to lose touch over time.

The Pirates

As with Sharkbeard little is known of Rubens relationship with the rest of the pirates, however he has been seen alongside Dolphin Nose and Mangy Parrot ( Ruby, Queen of the Seas - part 1 ) without the rest of the crew involved; which could imply they are friends or acquaintance at best.

Sir Ulf

Rubens seems on more acquainted side with Sir Ulf, having a friendly approach towards him. It's unclear how he and Sir Ulf managed to steal one of Sharkbeard's ships the same day Ruby only just introduced each other ( Ruby, Queen of the Seas - part 4 ).

Name in other languages

  • Рубенса ( Russian )


  • Rubens first appeared as a background character in the season 1 episode titled Dragonraiders, but didn't properly appear until season 1's four part episode titled Ruby, Queen of the Seas, where he was a protagonist for the plot of the story.
  • In some episodes, Rubens can still be seen as a background character working for Sharkbeard alongside the other pirates , but it is uncertain if it is actually Rubens himself.

- In the season 2 episode titled The Pirate Virus a scene where a series of " pirate tests " is hosted by Gene and the Cleanos via 3D holographic imagery, we get to Ruby's test, a test about a lost pirate at sea who is to be attacked by a giant sea-monster; the lost pirate in question appears to be Rubens, though it is uncertain if this is actually him in the hologram.

- In the German audiobooks for Super4, published by KIDDINX said background character is referred to as " Rubens " by the story's head narrator Dirk Petrick; despite this never being addressed within the show itself this could still be Rubens, though heavily written out of character given the nature of the shows' different plots per-episode.

  • While working in the Taven's kitchen, Rubens seems to keep his pirate hat next to a pile of plates on the shelf located on top of the sink.
  • At the end of Ruby, Queen of the Seas - part 4, Rubens mentions to Ruby that he actually enjoys cooking and that the restaurant business was his dream career.
  • Rubens has likely passed down a centuries long family heirloom to Ruby, as mentioned in the season 2 episode titled Princess Ruby.


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