Rubens is the foster father of Ruby, who found her as a baby, lying in a basket in the ocean. He had to retire Pirating in-order to raise her.

Rubens is seen to run a Tavern on Gunpowder Island, where he is usually in the kitchen cooking up meals for the other Pirates.

During Ruben's Pirating days, he was said to be a very experienced swordsman. As claimed by Sharkbeard, calling Rubens his '' Best Swordsman! ''.


Rubens is seen to be pretty hot-headed and a little stubborn at times. But unlike the other Pirates, he seems to be pretty caring and soft-hearted. Especially towards Ruby.


Rubens took Ruby under his wing after rescuing her as a baby, he is seen to be very overprotective of her which causes fights between them due to her stubborn nature getting herself into trouble. Although against her dreams of becoming a pirate, Rubens would set Ruby on tasks to see if she was worthy of being a pirate when she was little and went out of his way with the help of Sir Ulf to steal one of Sharkbeard's ships and give it to her as a gift-allowing Ruby to finally become a pirate.

Not much is known of his relationship with Sharkbeard, though they likely grew out of touch overtime due to looking after Ruby.

Name in other languages

  • Рубенса ( Russian )


  • Rubens first appeared as a background character in the episode titled Dragonraiders, but didn't properly appear until the four part episode titled Ruby, Queen of the Seas. Where he was rolled as a main protagonist for the plot of the story.
  • In certain episodes, Rubens can still be seen as a background character working for Sharkbeard alongside the other Pirates. But it is unclear if it is actually Rubens himself.
  • While working in the Taven's kitchen, Rubens seems to keep his pirate hat next to a pile of plates on a shelf. Which is located on top of the sink.
  • At the end of Ruby, Queen of the Seas part four, Rubens mentions to Ruby that he actually enjoys cooking, and that the restaurant business was his dream career.
  • Rubens has most likely passed down a centuries long family heirloom to Ruby, as mentioned in the episode titled Princess Ruby.
  • In the episode titled The Pirate Virus, there is a scene where a hologram of a lost Pirate at sea is about to be attacked by a large sea-monster. The lost Pirate used in the hologram is seen to be Rubens, but it is not confirmed to actually be him.

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