Leonora is the crown princess of Kingsland. Her father is the king Kendric, and her brother is Alex.

Personality Edit

In the earlier episodes she used to be the usual "princess" character, but later, during the second season, was given more deep and personality (see Princess Ruby episode) showing that she act the way she does only because nobody never listen to her due being the Princess.

Appearance Edit

She has blonde long hair and a blue and white dress. She used to have blue eyes like her brother, but in the second season her eyes are black.

Abilities and Items Edit

She has no peculiar ability, altrought is shown that she is pretty lucky and use a colored language when angry.

Relationships Edit

Is implied that she does have different suitors, although she doesn't really like any of them.

Name in other languages Edit

  • Princesse Leonore ( French )
  • 레오나라 공주 ( Korean )

Trivia Edit