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Negative Ruby is the clone of Ruby Red, who was created by Dr. X's invention, along with her comrades. She's the exact opposite of Ruby, being disastrous and mischievous than the original. She's voiced by Laetitia Lefevre in the French dub, and Veronica Taylor in the English dub of the series.


She's the same as Ruby, with the exception that her colors are swapped to represent the negative transition. Her hair is canary yellow ,and she wears one golden earring to her right ear. Her eyes have black sclera, and just like the others, white pupils. Her skin color is light grey. She wears a green uniform, with the length of her waist having more perspective to her back, her trousers are brown colored, and has two ebony-colored pair of boots.


There's not much about her personality. However, she seems to be silent at all times, since she didn't have any lines or ever talked. Just like Ruby, she's cunning and is good at sword fighting, that would make her have neutral traits.


• She and the others appear again during season 2