Magda is a new character appeared during season 2, at the episode Let’s Be Rational

Personality Edit

She is Dr.X assistant and is very calm, also she feel a great admiration toward Gene, although she don't understand why he spend time with his "weird" friends.

Appearance Edit

She wear a black suit, like everyone else at technopolis.

Abilities and Items Edit

Magda does not have any peculiar ability for now, but was seen to be a bit able to drive a spaceship during Superior

Relationships Edit


Magda is just his new assistant


Magda and Gene get along pretty well, they respect and understand eachother. She does have a great admiration toward him and his inventions, and Gene seems to be interested, or rather flattered by her.

Magda have tried to bring Gene back to Technopolis, because he is (for her) the most greatest scientis, and have the right to lead Technopolis, but Gene refused due the fact he prefer to wander around and make discoveries with his friends.