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Agent Magda #210524 (simply referred to as Magda) is a minor character in the series, an assistant to Dr.X who made her debut in the second season of Super 4; in the episode "Let's Be Rational".


Magda behaves like a typical resident of Technopolis would: she speaks using unnecessarily complex words, can make convoluted calculations quickly and is exceptionally intelligent, capable of creating advanced, high-tech equipment.


Magda wears a formal black suit, with black shoes. She has a pair of black glasses and ginger hair coming down to her shoulders.

Abilities and Items[]

Magda doesn't have any standout abilities but due to her high intelligence, she is able to create many gadgets (such as lasers) that aid her in her endeavours.

Notable Relationships[]


As his assistant, Magda enjoys a good relationship with Dr. X and she is always there to support him during his explorations or when he is carrying out a difficult task.


Due to them sharing the same homeland, Magda took a quick liking to Gene. Having seen his cutting-edge machinery and gadgets, Magda has a great admiration for Gene - to the point where she thinks he should become the "scientist-in-chief" of Technopolis. Despite her respect for him, Magda cannot seem to understand why Gene enjoys spending most of his time with his friends, rather than staying in Technopolis.