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Princess Leonora of Kingsland is the current princess of Kingsland, daughter of King Kendric and sister of Prince Alex, who is the heir to the throne . As a princess, she has the known clique "damsel-in-distress", but instead of mourning to be saved, she enjoys to be kidnapped, and even puts herself in danger on purpose for her own desires and also so that she has more stories to tell her friends.

Personality Edit

Leonora is portrayed as spoiled and bossy, always expecting to receive whatever she wants and yells and complains to whoever is around her when things don't go to plan. She also has a very high opinion of herself, not wanting to do the "dirty work" because she is a Princess and doesn't like to get dirt on her clothes.

Appearance Edit

Leonora has shoulder length blonde hair, a blue, white and yellow dress, gold crown, white tights, blue high heels, blue eyes and a gold necklace.

Relationships Edit

Alex Edit

As brother and sister, sometimes they love each other, and sometimes they don't. Not exactly a very serious thing, but Leonora and Alex have different preferences for many topics. Alex is annoyed by her "strives to be kidnapped" because in this case, he's the one who is supposed to save her.

In Season 2, it is revealed that Leonora is being overprotected by her brother after a misunderstood fact that she was cursed at birth, in which she's annoyed about. Even if they have a tough love trope in their relationship, both care deeply about each other and so goes on.

The Black Baron Edit

As he is seen as King Kendric's enemy, it is natural for Leonora to hate him. However, there are multiple episodes where The Black Baron attempts to marry her in order to take the throne - his main method being trying to use a spell to make her fall in love with him. Fortunately for her, The Black Baron's plans often fail.

King Kendric Edit

Leonora seems to recognise that her father has a higher status than her and they seem to have a mutual respect and love for each other. However, she will still complain and whine to him if a problem arises and it is often Alex who they depend on to solve this problem.

Knights Edit

Leonora sees the knights in the castle as her own personal servants and bodyguards, often seen ordering them about. These knights are also the ones tasked with saving her when she is "kidnapped". Whenever Leonora feels threatened or needs protection, she always calls on the knights (most commonly Gareth and Ulf).

Name in other languages Edit

  • Princesse Leonore ( French )
  • 레오나라 공주 ( Korean )
  • Принцесса Леонора ( Russian )
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