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Gunpowder Island is an island based on "The Golden Age of Piracy" era. On it is a gigantic volcano, with greenery and vegetation growing on the bottom. The island is home to Sharkbeard and his subjects, the pirates. Ruby also used to live here although she is considered an outcast among the inhabitants of this island.


Gunpowder Island lies to the east of Technopolis and to the south of Kingsland and The Enchanted Island.


The Flying Shark[]

The Flying Shark is a massive wooden ship, suspended in the side of the volcano by some wooden pillars. It is the home of Sharkbeard, the ruler of Gunpowder Island.


Despite its colossal size, the volcano is a minor location in Gunpowder Island. Although it seems dormant, in some episodes, it is shown that the volcano can erupt which would probably leave the island as nothing more than ash and volcanic rock. Luckily for the residents of the Gunpowder Island, they have managed to avoid such a disaster.

Pirate Village[]

In a small area next to the volcano, the pirates live in small huts in this village. The only notable location here would is Rubens' tavern as none of the other pirates' residences are really explored in the series.