Technology always wins...

—Gene, Gene's Four

Gene is one of the main 5 members of the Super 4 gang. Gene often claims that he is "never wrong" and becomes incredibly embarrassed whenever he makes a mistake. Gene lives in Technopolis and is the inventor of The Chameleon and all the Super 4's gadgets. Gene dislikes magic, considering it 'illogical' and when the rest of the Super 4 mistake technology for magic, he corrects them every time.

Personality Edit

In the earlier episodes, he is shown as cold and deadpan, and sometimes sassy toward his own friends. In the later episodes, he is shown as more socially awkward, and has a hard time conveying his emotions due to always wanting to be the smart and logical individual. He tries not to let his emotions boil over; however, in some episodes he has shown insecurity, sadness, joy, love and anger to his friends fearlessly, showing them his true worth. He believes others expect great things of him, so he always tries his best, even if he goes a little overboard sometimes.

Appearance Edit

Gene's wears a full black suit with a white shirt and a black tie. He has a Holopad on his left arm, red sneakers with a white lightning bolt on each side.

Abilities And Items Edit

Gadgets Edit

This is a list of everything Gene has currently invented.

Time Machine Edit

Gene has invented a time machine in form of a watch. It allows the user to go back in time for a few minutes before returning them to the present. It can be used four times before it has to cool down.

Holopad Edit

Gene has a miniature holographic computer on his left arm that can: project holograms, calculate percentages and equations,scan and autosuggest people and animals,disable electrical equipment, shoot lasers and can cloak small items as something else for a short amount of time.

Chameleon Edit

See The Chameleon

Mechanized Wings Edit

These false wings strap onto a person's back, making that individual look like a fairy. It is currently unknown, however, if the wings can provide flight ability, or if they are simply decorative.

Lenny Edit

Lenny used to be Gene's robot assistant, but since defeating Computer Supreme (in the episode "Gene, Techno-Explorer part 4"), he is now in Technopolis' computer system.

Relationships Edit

Gene is a vital member of the Super 4 group, providing their main method of transportation (via The Chameleon). Though his friends can sometimes become annoyed by his hubris and excessive arrogance, he gets along well with his teammates and often proves his friendship.

Name in other languages Edit

  • 진과 ( Korean )
  • Джин ( Russian )

Trivia Edit

• Gene is the oldest member of the group.

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