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Technology always wins...

—Gene, Gene's Four


Agent Gene #120452 (simply referred to as Gene) is one of the main 5 members of the Super 4 gang. A former resident of Technopolis and a hard-working scientist, he is the inventor of The Chameleon and all of the Super 4's gadgets.


In the earlier episodes, he is shown as cold and deadpan, and sometimes even sassy toward his own friends. In the later episodes, he is shown as more socially awkward, and has a hard time conveying his emotions as he always wants to be the smart and logical individual. He tries not to let his emotions boil over; however, in some episodes he has shown insecurity, sadness, joy, love and anger to his friends fearlessly, showing them his true worth.

He believes others expect great things of him, so he always tries his best, even if he goes a little overboard sometimes. Gene has a strong sense of pride, often claiming that he is "never wrong" and becomes incredibly embarrassed whenever he makes a mistake. This pride also leads him to dislike magic, as he considers it 'illogical' and when his friends mistake technology for magic, he corrects them every time.


Gene's wears a full black suit with a white shirt and a black tie, with his signature blue Holopad on his left arm. He also sports a pair of red sneakers with a white lightning bolt on each side.

Abilities And Items[]


This is a list of everything Gene has currently invented.

Time Machine[]

Gene has invented a time machine in form of a watch. It allows the user to go back in time for a few minutes before returning them to the present. It can be used four times before it has to cool down. So far it has only made a major appearance in one episode: "The Final Countdowns".


Gene has a miniature holographic computer attached to his left arm that provides many utilities: projecting holograms, calculating complicated probabilities and equations quickly, scanning people and animals, disabling complex electrical equipment, hacking into advanced computer systems, firing powerful lasers and even cloaking small items as something else for a short amount of time.

The Chameleon[]

See The Chameleon

The Chameleon is Gene's proudest invention. It was originally built as an exploration vehicle to help him prove that life outside Technopolis was possible during an era where Computer Supreme had indoctrinated the people of Technopolis into believing that the air outside was poisonous. It is capable of reaching relatively high speeds and changing its appearance (hence the name "The Chameleon") which makes it useful when he and his friends need to make a quick escape.

Mechanized Wings[]

These false wings strap onto a person's back, making that individual look like a fairy. Their function appears to be purely aesthetic as it is never explained whether they are capable of flight.


Before meeting the "Super 4", Lenny was Gene's only friend. Lenny's hyper-realistic consciousness and ability to show emotion made him seem almost human, helping Gene build The Chameleon and accompanying him on all of his adventures beyond Technopolis' borders. Unfortunately, as of "Gene, Techno-Explorer - part 4", Lenny is inside the Technopolis computer system.


Super 4[]

Gene is a vital member of the group as his numerous inventions provide them with an edge over the other characters in the show. As such, the other members recognize his intelligence and importance and respect him for it (though his fighting ability leaves a lot to be desired).


Since Alex is unfamiliar with technology, Gene finds himself having to lecture him and prove that magic and technology are not the same. Likewise, Gene discounts all of Kingsland's traditions as pointless, not able to see the true value of jousting tournaments and not convinced by The Golden Teapot's supposed magic abilities. Despite these differences, they prove to be a great duo, able to come up with clever plans or solutions to any problems.


As with Alex, Ruby's lack of experience with technology frustrates Gene. Furthermore, Ruby's cheeky, and sometimes clumsy nature means that she is often guilty of breaking some of Gene's most important devices (this is especially evident when she requests to pilot The Chameleon). Nonetheless, her formidable fighting ability and her strong instincts impress Gene and his inventions and devices amaze Ruby in the same way.


Gene has an interesting relationship with Twinkle, as his strong beliefs that magic doesn't exist is contradicted by her exceptional magic ability. This causes many quarrels between them, as their opposite beliefs collide with each other. However, as the series goes on, Gene becomes more convinced by Twinkle's magic powers and, instead of arguing over their differences, they use them together in order to achieve a common goal.


Ever since Gene won "Scientist of the Year", Dr.X became increasingly livid and jealous of Gene's superior intelligence. Although Gene prefers to have little association with him and doesn't see him as an enemy, Dr.X sees Gene as his rival and competitor, always showing off his marvellous and genius inventions in a vain bid to one-up him. Even though Gene consistently outdoes him, Dr.X becomes more lenient and less obsessive, and they are able to enjoy a more healthy competitive relationship in Season 2.

Name in other languages[]

  • 진과 ( Korean )
  • Джин ( Russian )
  • DNA ( Greek )


  • Gene is the oldest member of the group.
  • Although Gene is skeptical about fairies due to their supposed magic (which he finds "irrational") he doesn't seem to have a problem with other mythical beings such as dragons.
  • In the episode "Some Like It Magical", Gene says that he was top of his class at the "Technopolis School of Technology" - a testament to his high intelligence and persevering nature.


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