Overview Edit

Fourchesac is a magician (whose expertise is brewing magic potions) and one of the main antagonists in the series. He lives in Kingsland. He hates the fairies and is usually seen helping The Black Baron to try to take over the kingdom of Kingsland. During the second season, (especially at the Pied Piper of Kingsland episode) it is shown that he becomes tired of being lonely and wishes to experience true fun and adventure - though he retains his hatred towards the fairies.

Appearance Edit

Fourchesac wears orange robes, covered with strange patterns. He has a goatee and wields a magical staff. His attire is very reminiscent of a stereotypical wizard.

Personality Edit

Fourchesac's personality seems to change based on the characters he engages with. When talking to The Black Baron, he is very passive and submissive - he obeys The Baron's every command and tries to avoid arguing with him or getting him angry. However, his attitude changes when speaking to the Super 4, constantly labelling them "kids" and speaking condescendingly towards them. Similarly, when addressing the fairies, he uses words such as "disgusting" and "filthy" to describe them - which emphasises his extreme animosity towards them.

Abilities and Items Edit

Magic Staff Edit

Fourchesac carries his staff almost everywhere, as it can be used as a weapon (i.e. to fire magic bolts at other characters), and also allowing him to teleport by tapping it on his head.

Potions Edit

Fourchesac's most useful/prominent ability. His potions can have various effects: transforming humans to animals, hair growth, love potions... he can potentially make anything happen - provided he has sufficient ingredients. Although the potions seem extremely powerful, Fourchesac is quite lazy and stingy, and is very susceptible to messing up the potions, which can lead to disasters!

Relationships Edit

Fourchesac mostly lives on his own, which doesn't allow him to properly form relationships with other characters. However, he is seen in a lot of episodes working together in conjunction with The Black Baron (in exchange for some money). Fourchesac has been seen teaming up with Baba Cara (in the episode "The Truce") and even the Super 4 (in the episode "The Pied Piper of Kingsland") which suggests that he doesn't mind the other characters in the series (apart from the fairies) as long as he gets what he wants.

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