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Fourchesac is a magician (whose expertise is brewing magic potions) who lives in Kingsland and is one of the main antagonists in the series. He hates the fairies and is usually seen helping The Black Baron in his bid to take over the kingdom of Kingsland and become its new king.


Fourchesac's attire is very reminiscent of a stereotypical wizard: he wears orange robes, covered with strange patterns. He has a goatee and wields a magical staff.


Fourchesac's personality seems to change based on the characters he engages with. When talking to The Black Baron, he is very passive and submissive - he obeys The Baron's every command and tries to avoid arguing with him or getting him angry. However, his character changes when he is faced with the other characters in the show, speaking in an arrogant and pompous manner, labelling himself "the greatest sorcerer ever".

Abilities and Items[]

Magic Staff[]

Fourchesac carries his staff almost everywhere, as it can be used as a weapon (i.e. cast magic spells to attack other characters), and also allowing him to teleport by tapping it on his head.


Fourchesac's most useful/prominent ability. His potions can have various effects: transforming humans to animals, hair growth, love potions... he can potentially make anything happen - provided he has sufficient ingredients. Although the potions seem extremely powerful, Fourchesac is quite lazy and stingy, and is very susceptible to messing up the potions, which can lead to disasters!

Notable Relationships[]

The Black Baron[]

Though they are allies of sorts, Fourchesac is somewhat afraid of the baron, cowering in embarrassment and fear whenever the baron threatens or insults him. Fourchesac gets paid well by the baron and wants to help him in return but alas, his potions and magical abilities always seem to result in a failure; Fourchesac's sluggishness being far from the perfection that The Black Baron demands.

The Fairies[]

Whenever he isn't assisting the baron in his plans to rule Kingsland, Fourchesac is devising a plan to bring terror and chaos upon the fairies. Though he never explains exactly why he hates them to this extent, Fourchesac continuously speaks of exacting his revenge on the fairies. According to the Super 4, Fourchesac's plans entail: trying to steal their laughter, taking power from them, turning the witches against them and even trying to "wipe them off the map". His contempt towards the fairies has caused them to banish him from The Enchanted Island.

King Kendric[]

Since he previously worked for the king, Fourchesac still has a laboratory in his castle so he does spend more time in the king's castle than his allegiance with The Black Baron suggests. Although the king does not dislike him, Fourchesac doesn't feel the same way and has instead devoted himself to helping The Black Baron dethrone King Kendric and he is seen as a traitor by the knights in the king's castle.

Super 4[]

Fourchesac's relationship with the Super 4 is quite interesting. Most of the time, Fourchesac feels that the Super 4 are nothing more than "pests", and they are persistent in bringing a stop to his wicked schemes. Because of this, he has developed a strong disliking towards them and is usually acts with hostility whenever he encounters them. However, sometimes Fourchesac will grow tired of brewing potions in his lonely laboratory, and, with the Super 4, he can experience true adventure and fun. This is especially evident in episodes such as The Pied Piper of Kingsland.


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