Overview Edit

The Fairy Queen is the ruler of the The Enchanted Island. Though she makes most of her appearances as a frog, she is originally a fairy but was unintentionally turned into a frog by Twinkle.

Appearance Edit

Fairy Edit

As a fairy, she was a caucasian female with blue eyes and blonde hair. She wore a multi-colored dress, green heels, a pearl necklace around her neck and a silver crown with a red gem atop her head.

Frog Edit

As a frog, she retains the aforementioned accessories but her skin becomes green and covered with warts and she wears green leggings instead of heels. She also loses her wings.

Personality Edit

The Fairy Queen is shown to be extremely pretentious and self-centered, revelling in her own beauty and labelling herself "the most beautiful of them all". She is so self-centered in fact, that when she was turned into a frog by Twinkle, she completely banned the usage of mirrors in her palace just so she would not have to look at herself in her frog form. After her transformation, she became more short-tempered and less rational - blaming Twinkle for everything that goes wrong in her palace.

Abilities and Items Edit

As she is a fairy, The Fairy Queen has a magic wand which she can use to cast powerful spells, able to fabricate items at will, move things around remotely and even transform humans into animals.

Notable Relationships Edit

Twinkle Edit

After her transformation into a frog, The Fairy Queen became livid with Twinkle, to the extent where she banished her from The Enchanted Island for eternity. Even though Twinkle has saved The Enchanted Island countless times and even managed to temporarily revert her back to her original form, the queen's large ego prevents her from forgiving Twinkle, claiming that nothing can make up the years of humiliation she suffered as a frog. Not only does she refuse to forgive her, the queen also wants to see Twinkle turned into a frog as revenge; compounding her hatred for her.

Baba Cara Edit

The queen has a tense relationship with Baba Cara since, as a witch, Baba Cara is the antithesis of all goodwill. Not only this, but Baba Cara constantly invades the fairies' palace, leaving chaos and mayhem in her wake. Due to their exceptional magical powers, the Fairy Queen and Baba Cara are shown to fight frequently, emphasising their intense rivalry.

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