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Season 1, Episode 2
Vital statistics
Air date October 29th 2014
Written by Jean-Charles André
Directed by Cyril Adam, Arnaud Bouron
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Dragonriders (Des dragons partout! in French) is the 2nd episode in Season 1 of the Super 4 series.


Dragons seem to be attacking King Kendric's castle but, while following them back to the volcano on Gunpowder Island, Gene, Ruby and Alex discover they're pirates riding baby pterosaurs armed with flame throwers. Meanwhile, Twinkle tries to galvanize the defenders of the castle, not helped by Alien who keeps fainting with fright.


The episode starts with the Super 4, who are inside The Chameleon, driving through the Kingsland forest. Gene is looking a hologram of the king's castle, where small flying creatures are shown attacking the castle with fire. Identifying these creatures as dragons, the Super 4 head to the castle to help fend them off.

Meanwhile, King Kendric, Sir Gareth, Sir Ulf and Sir Archibald are at the round table, devastated by the damage that has been done to the castle. Once Alex and his friends show up, however, the king's spirits are raised, believing that his son is capable of defeating these dragons. As Sir Gareth tries to explain the severity of the situation, he is cut off by Gene, who believes that dragons are "solitary creatures who would never congregate in an army". In the midst of this argument, the ceiling caves in, revealing several dragons, flying over the castle. While all the residents of the castle recover from this shock, the dragons start to talk, demanding that King Kendric surrender all of his treasure, including the sacred golden teapot.

Alex, not one to give up easily and Gene, not wanting to be proved wrong, head off with Ruby to explore the volcano at Gunpowder Island, in an attempt to discover the true origins of these "dragons". In the volcano, the group are able to take a closer look at these flying creatures, realizing that they are not actually dragons. In fact, they are newly hatched pterosaurs, which the pirates have equipped with flamethrowers in order to disguise them as dragons and attack the castle, in order to steal the treasure of Kingsland. While the pirates set up another assault, Alex and Ruby notice a map hanging from a wall, with The Lost World depicted on it. Alex and Gene decide to head back to Kingsland to warn King Kendric so that he does not surrender his treasure to the fake dragons whereas Ruby opted to follow the map.

Back at the castle, the knights were ready to give up their treasure to their oppressors, with Twinkle trying her best to convince them not to do it. In a last moment of courage, the knights decide to retaliate against the dragons, though their hopes are quickly dashed due to the dragons' incredible firepower. Fortunately, Alex arrives on the scene, exposing the fake dragons and exploiting their love of fish in order to defeat the pirates who ride on top of them.

Soon enough, all of the pirates are defeated, apart from one: Sharkbeard. As he is about to complete the destruction of the castle though, Ruby enters the castle, riding on a huge dinosaur - presumably the mother of the pterosaurs. This causes the baby pterosaurs to abandon Sharkbeard and they all fly to their home alongside their mother. The episode ends with a light-hearted comedic scene, where Ruby steals the teapot from under Sir Gareth's nose, with Alex and his father laughing in the background.