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He's clever... he's incredible... heeeee's Dr. X!

—Dr. X, Cleaning Day



Dr. X's trademark form of exclamation.


Doctor X, sometimes referred to as Professor X or just simply as Dr. X, is one of the more prominent characters in the series. He is the leader and head scientist/inventor of Technopolis.


Dr. X wears white pants, a white jacket with a blue lightning bolt, white gloves and white boots. He has white hair and a monocle on his left eye.


Dr. X is incredibly self-centered and arrogant - always going to extreme lengths to display his inventions and intelligence to the world. This likely stems from the fact that Gene appears capable of creating more advanced gadgets and vehicles than him - which has made Dr. X envious and resentful towards him. He is also very condescending, talking down to people on a lot of occasions - discounting what they say as "nonsense" and labelling them "lower beings". This behaviour is mostly exclusive to Season 1, however, and in Season 2, he acts less patronizing but still retains his boastful and flashy style.

Abilities and Items[]

Dr. X's forté is his ability to invent powerful gadgets, ranging from cloning machines, to machines that can completely disable gravity in an area. He does have a small laser pistol that he carries around sometimes (probably as a utility weapon or a means of self-defense). 



In the first season they were mostly rivals, and it was obvious that Dr. X was livid when Gene was awarded "Scientist Of The Year" and also of the century. In Season 2, Dr. X loosens up and respects Gene a lot more, focusing instead on his own inventions and endeavours.

The Fairy Queen[]

As shown during Season 2, he and the Fairy Queen have a sort of rivalry because of their differences. However, during the episode Romancing the Opal, they fell in love (albeit because of a misunderstanding). They do eventually break up at the end of the episode.  

Name in other languages[]

  • Docteur X ( French )
  • Доктор Х ( Russian )


  • While Dr. X is not a villain and is quite innocent compared to some of the other characters in the show, his rivalry with Gene and his error-prone machinery create lots of problems and disastrous situations which makes him seem like an antagonist at first glance.


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