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Cleaning Day
( ENGLISH ) Cleaning Day title card.png
Season 1, Episode 1
Vital statistics
Air date August 1st 2014 (France)

September 1st 2014 (UK)

Written by Cyril Adam
Directed by Arnaud Bouron
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Cleaning Day (Le grand nettoyage in French) is the premiere episode of the Super 4 series.


In the first episode of the series, the Super 4 introduce themselves as they arrive at Technopolis to get The Chameleon's cloaking system repaired. Whilst they are there they learn that Dr.X has created a giant cleaning robot, Cleano, which is promptly hijacked by Sharkbeard so he can clean the world of his enemies.


The episode starts in the dragon's territory in Kingsland, where the Super 4 are inside The Chameleon - which is cloaked to prevent them from being attacked by a dragon. The cloaking mechanism fails quickly however and, before the dragon can do much damage to The Chameleon, they make a swift retreat to Technopolis in order to repair their vehicle.

A robot then asks them to identify themselves, which leads to the four main characters introducing themselves to both the robots and the audience. Gene proceeds to drive The Chameleon to a garage to try and repair its faulty cloaking mechanism. During this scene, an announcement from Dr.X reveals his latest invention: Cleano. While he is showing off his newest piece of technology, the Super 4 notice that Sharkbeard is also present in this advertisement.

After spotting Sharkbeard in Dr.X's announcement clip, the Super 4 (without Gene who stayed with The Chameleon) decide to visit Dr.X and warn him about Sharkbeard's potential hijacking of Cleano. However, Dr.X doesn't believe them, instead turning on them and claiming that they are the ones who want to steal Cleano. Despite calling in security measures, Dr.X decides to take the Super 4 so that they can witness his great invention in person.

Having finished his short demonstration of Cleano's utilities, Dr.X climbs out of Cleano to release the Super 4. However, Sharkbeard takes this opportunity to take control of the cleaning robot which he tries to use to vaporize the Super 4. As the dastardly pirate wreaks havoc on Technopolis, Alex calls Gene and asks for backup. Initially, Gene refuses, as The Chameleon is still being repaired, but, after witnessing the destruction of his homeland, Gene decides to help.

After some improvisation from Twinkle to slow down Sharkbeard, Gene manages to pick up the rest of his friends with The Chameleon. However, Sharkbeard eventually manages to corner the Super 4, and threatens to vaporize them. Unable to move quickly enough to escape Cleano's deadly rays, Ruby says that their only choice would be to cloak The Chameleon, to which Twinkle makes a slightly humorous response, proposing that The Chameleon cloak into a "birthday cupcake house thingy". Alex then activates the cloaking mechanism, which transforms their vehicle into a "birthday cupcake house thingy". Since Sharkbeard cannot figure out how to name this object, Cleano (who operates using voice commands) cannot vaporize them.

While Sharkbeard is confused, Ruby uses one of The Chameleon's hoverbikes to distract him, allowing the others to escape. During Sharkbeard's continued chase of The Chameleon, Ruby manages to use a grapple hook to latch onto Cleano, tying up its legs. This causes Cleano to malfunction and shrink itself and it subsequently explodes. Dr.X then arrives on the scene only to find the Super 4 standing beside a destroyed Cleano.

Since Sharkbeard had already fled the scene at this point, Dr.X blamed the Super 4 for the destruction of Cleano. Before he can get too angry, Alex manages to compromise with Dr.X, who, too caught up in his own hype, decides to fabricate a story of his own heroism to Technopolis. The episode ends with Gene using some of Cleano's parts to repair The Chameleon's cloaking mechanism.





  • Despite being one of the main characters and one of the "Super 4" (the namesake of the show), Alien is not introduced in this episode - instead making his first appearance in "Dragonriders", the second episode of the series.