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Baba Cara is one of the most prominent antagonists in the series, and the main villain in The Enchanted Island. She resides in a dark forest where she lives on her own, revelling in darkness and isolation. Baba Cara detests all positive feelings and colors and has an everlasting hatred for the Fairies.

Appearance Edit

She wears a black dress with decorative ruffles and a high carved gate. Under the first hem of the dress is another which is light purple and covered with sophisticated patterns. Around the neck of the witch is something resembling a black choker with a red stone on it. Baba Cara's hands are hidden, first by long sleeves, and then by carved black handcuffs and a metal bracelet on top of them.

Personality Edit

Baba Cara is very malicious and disagreeable. She lives alone in a secluded section of The Enchanted Island which intensifies her unpleasant character and spiteful intentions. Baba Cara loves to taunt and mock the other characters - especially if she has them trapped or has cursed them with an evil spell. In addition, she also enjoys inflicting harm upon others and laughs hysterically when she does so - threatening other characters (usually Trolls or Elves) and forcing them to do her bidding. Aside from her evil characteristics, Baba Cara is quite devious and sly, often trying to deceive others instead of attacking them head on.

Abilities and Items Edit

Magic Broom Edit

Baba Cara's magic broom is her main method of transportation as it is capable of flight. This is not it's primary use however, as Baba Cara mostly uses it as a weapon - firing her black magic at others which can cause a lot of harmful effects (e.g. she can stun other characters, trap them in bubbles and even change them into various animals).

Relationships Edit

Super 4 Edit

Baba Cara shows a strong disliking for the Super 4, as they persist on foiling her plans to terrorize the Fairies. Because of this, she will always attempt to pursue and harm them - even if they randomly encounter each other in The Enchanted Island.

The Black Baron Edit

Baba Cara doesn't particularly like the baron, but they both grew tired of having their ambitions destroyed by the Super 4. This forces them to co-operate and try to overcome the Super 4 together but even together, they are unable to succeed.

Fairies Edit

The driving force behind her evil plans, Baba Cara's hostility towards the fairies knows no bounds. In fact, in most of her appearances, she is seen devising a plan to take over the Fairies, be it by weakening their magic or upsetting them so that they lose all their powers, Baba Cara will try everything and anything to destroy their harmony.

Name in other languages Edit

  • Баба Кара (Russian)

Trivia Edit

  • Her name is similar to Baba Yaga (Баба Яга), an evil canibalistic witch from Russian folklore.
  • The appearance of the Baba Cara like Maleficent, the evil witch from Disney's Sleeping Beauty.
  • Perhaps the Babacara - its full and real name, if not to take into account Russian grammar, where "Baba" (Баба) means a woman in ages.
  • Has been called an "evil\wicked fairy" in first season.
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