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Alien is one of the main protagonists in the "Super 4" series. He is originally from The Lost World though he was forced to flee his homeland after a giant Tyrannosaurus Rex attacked his people.


Alien is a very small blue humanoid, with big orange ears.


On first impression, Alien seems to be tame and passive but when he or his friends are put in a dangerous situation, he can be really brave and stubborn.

His lack of speech prevents him from communicating properly with the other members of the Super 4 which leads to him being misunderstood a lot of the time. He is much more intelligent than he lets on - often sensing danger or insecurity before his friends, although his attempts at warning them are usually in vain.

Despite being small and seemingly vulnerable, he is very courageous and will oftentimes face dangerous situations head on.

Abilities and Items[]

He (supposedly) still has the mysterious pyramid with which can show telepathic images. Apart from this, he doesn't really have any other items of note, though, in terms of physical abilities, his small size causes many of the other characters to underestimate him, not realizing how strong and fast Alien actually is.

Notable Relationships[]

Super 4[]

Alien gets along really well with the other members of the Super 4 although he seems to have a unique bond with Twinkle who appears to be the only one capable of understanding what he is saying.

Name in other languages[]

  • Romvesen ( Norwegian )

Trivia []

  • In the earlier designs he was supposed to look like a little bee.
  • In the episode "Origins - part 2", Alex refers to him as 'Alien' before he is officially named by Twinkle. This error only seems to be present in the English dub.
  • Although he is a very valuable member of the team, he doesn't seem to be recognized as part of the "Super 4" as the name itself refers to the 4 core members of the group: Ruby, Twinkle, Alex and Gene.
  • To add to the point above, he also doesn't appear in the first episode of the series: "Cleaning Day"
  • According to Twinkle, Alien needs to eat Bananos (tiny pineapples that only grow in The Lost World) on a regular basis or he will become depressed and lose all his fur.


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