Alien is an alien from the Lost World. Whether or not he is from a different planet is not explained; the team just call him Alien and consider him an alien. (though once Ruby called him “El Loco from galaxy Crazy.”)He does not talk; though he can sometimes put telepathic images in people's head if he really needs to tell them something. He's very quick and very strong for his size (quite small) but he will totally freeze up when scared. Alien needs to eat Bananos (tiny pineapples that only grow in the Lost World) on a regular basis or he will become depressed and lose all his fur.

 Personality Edit

Usually quiet, but in case of need can be really brave and stubborn.

Appearance Edit

Very small with mostly blue fur, with the ears, hands, and bottom of the feet being orange

Abilities and Items Edit

He (supposedly) still have the mysterious pyramid with which can show telepathic images. Apart that, sometimes show to be very strong, fast and able to bounce like a ball

Relationships Edit

He's friend with everyone, but seems to have a special bond with either Alex and Twinkle

Trivia Edit

In the earlier designs he was supposed to look like a little bee. Also he didn't appear in the first episode of the series, Cleaning Day.

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