Prince Alexander of Kingsland, referred to as Prince Alex or just Alex, is the crown prince of Kingsland and heir to the throne. He doesn't really like being at home much because his father, king Kendric, and his sister Leonora are quite boring to him. He yearns for adventure, and he finds it with the other members of Super 4. As a knight, he has a strong moral compass and does what he can to help everyone.

As the founder of Super4, he does whatever he can to keep the team together, and always tries to be responsible for whatever it takes to support his teammates.

Personality Edit

Alex is a great sword fighter who prides himself as honorable. He's very supportive, kind and trust his friends very much. During season 2 was shown that he tend to be very harsh on himself, because get extremely sad\depressed if he think that have made a mistake.

Appearance Edit

He has black hair and blue eyes, and the typical knight's attire: dual colored stockings, brown boots, blue tunic with a lion's crest, leather beltings and small bits of miscellaneous armor.

Abilities and Items Edit

Alex is a strong sword fighter; he carries a unique sword that can extend.

Relationships Edit

Alex is, in many ways, the leader of the Super 4 group. He is friends with Ruby, Twinkle, Gene and Alien. His father is the king in Alex's homeland so he is close with the royal guard as well.

Name in other languages Edit

  • μ•Œλ ‰μŠ€ ( Korean )
  • АлСкс ( Russian )
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