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You've attacked the wrong knight, dragon!

—Alex, Sleeping Buddy


Prince Alexander of Kingsland, referred to as Prince Alex or just Alex, is the crown prince of Kingsland and heir to the throne. He is one of the Super 4 (the main characters in the series) and acts as their "leader" - although they claim that they don't have a leader,


He has black hair and blue eyes, and wears the typical knight's attire: dual colored stockings, brown boots, blue tunic with a lion's crest, leather beltings and small bits of miscellaneous armor; including some chainmail on his left arm and a metal shoulderguard on his right arm.


Alex is a noble knight who takes pride in helping others. He's very supportive, empathetic and compassionate, always wanting to solve any problems that the other characters might have. He has a strong moral compass and consistently fights in the name of justice. Alex also shows a great sense of pride in his royal roots - doing whatever it takes to preserve his family's honor. In this regard, he becomes incredibly harsh on himself when he feels he has made a mistake and let his family (or friends) down.

Abilities and Items[]

Alex is a strong sword fighter; he carries a unique sword that can extend. This is his primary weapon (as a knight) and his masterful swordsmanship allows him to handle specific situations effectively - using it to deflect magic spells or fight other characters who also wield swords.


Super 4[]

As a member and supposedly founder of this group - Alex has an everlasting bond with all the members of the Super 4. He takes on the natural role of the leader, and is always the first one to face any hazard they may encounter. Not only is he the most physically skilful of the group - he also shows exceptional mental fortitude; being the one they rely on for plans whenever they undertake a difficult task. Aside from all this, he is a great motivator and a paragon of support, his "never say die" attitude always encouraging his teammates to perform to the best of their abilities.


As they are both masters of close quarters combat, they have great chemistry with each other and thoroughly enjoy fighting together. Even off the battlefield, they generally get on well as their desire for adventure is mutual.


Alex understands Twinkle's feelings more than the other characters as his solicitude allows him to comfort Twinkle whenever she feels dejected (usually when she fails a magical spell).


Alex has a lot of respect for Gene, as he recognizes how intelligent he is and how important he is to the team. Gene's gadgets and inventions help cover Alex's weaknesses (i.e. long range combat) and they complement one another very well due to how their skill sets are direct contrasts to each other.

His Family[]


As her brother, Alex cares deeply about Leonora and he makes it his responsibility to rescue her from any uncomfortable or threatening situations. In general, they have a pretty solid relationship, although their interests completely oppose each other so they don't end up spending much time together as Alex feels that his time is better spent exploring the world while Leonora is too interested in fashion to join Alex in his endeavours.

King Kendric[]

Alex enjoys a great relationship with his father, always being ready to support him whenever he is put in a stressful situation (such as when his castle is being invaded). Kendric also admires and cares deeply for Alex and their mutual love and respect emphasises their strong bond. They are both very prideful and are willing to do anything to retain their family's honor.


As the prince of Kingsland, Alex is highly respected amongst all the knights of the kingdom - the most prominent being Sir Gareth, Sir Ulf and Sir Archibald who all join Alex and his father during meetings at the round table. He is upbeat and noble, making him very popular and his modesty allows him to respect the knights too. Although he is known for his honesty and honor, Alex still comes under a lot of criticism from Sir Gareth due to his allegiance to the Super 4 and because of how disinterested Alex was during Gareth's lessons.

The Black Baron[]

Since he is always seen attempting to dethrone King Kendric, Alex sees the baron as his sworn enemy. Through multiple sieges and attacks, The Black Baron has tried (and failed) to take over the throne of Kingsland, with Alex primarily being the one to foil his plans. Whenever Alex spots the baron, he is always suspicious of him and will undertake extra precautions to make sure The Black Baron doesn't try to launch an attack on the castle.


Although Fourchesac isn't directly an enemy of Alex, he is often seen by The Black Baron's side, using his powerful potions to aid the baron in his quest to become the king of Kingsland. As such, Alex is wary of Fourchesac and becomes more cautious and alert whenever he and/or The Black Baron are around.

Name in other languages[]

  • 알렉스 ( Korean )
  • Алекс ( Russian )
  • Άλεξ ( Greek )


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