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A Colossal Challenge
Season 1, Episode 9
Vital statistics
Air date September 12th 2014
Written by Guilain de Aguiar
Directed by Cyril Adam, Arnaud Bouron
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A Colossal Challenge (Un défi de taille in French) is the 9th episode in Season 1 of the Super 4 series.


The Black Baron tries to win a jousting tournament by turning himself into a giant warrior whilst shrinking Alex to the size of a doll. But Alex proves that skill matters more than size.


The episode starts with The Black Baron drinking a potion from Fourchesac to make himself larger. The Super 4 then explain the tradition of returning the crown after winning the jousting tournament: the winner of the tournament will receive the crown and they must exhibit their allegiance by returning it. Where Ruby comes from, if you win, you get to rule. Alex explains that The Black Baron tried to keep the crown last year.

After the king announces the start of the tournament, the heroes believe The Black Baron will not compete because he did not show up - but another competitor appears in armor resembling The Colossus' armor and goes by the name of "The Colossus" as well. Alex believes he will not even have to compete because he is certain that Sir Gareth will win. Slyly, one of The Black Baron's men (Rypan) slips Alex a potion in his drink.

The man calling himself The Colossus enjoys a great start to the tournament, defeating many of the other competitors while Ruby and Gene wonder where Alex is (and Twinkle thinks The Colossus will lose to every knight though he always wins). Eventually, even Sir Gareth fails to defeat The Colossus.

Gene (and later the girls) finally find out where Alex is - only to find that he has shrunk incredibly in size (around 20cm tall). Twinkle explains it is a "Widdle-Wegs" Potion (because of Alex's "little legs"). To kill time while they try and restore Alex's original size, Alex suggests Gene challenges The Colossus in the tournament. However, Ruby offers to joust The Colossus instead. While taunting his new challenger, the man dressed as The Colossus states his intentions to take the throne of Kingsland and marry the princess which causes her to become excited.

While Ruby and The Colossus joust, Gene reveals a helmet with a camera mounted on it so Alex can help Gene duel. Once Ruby loses, Gene attempts to use the helmet to help him joust, but even with Alex's aid, he loses. Not willing to give up the throne easily, Alex shows up to fight The Colossus despite his small size. The King is reluctant to allow Alex to fight due to how small he is, but tradition says that he should be allowed. Alex climbs up the armor and dashes around, using his small size to evade The Colossus' attacks. This persists until The Colossus hits himself enough to knock himself down. After The Colossus collapses to the ground, its armor falls off and it is revealed that it is actually The Black Baron who was dressed in The Colossus' armor and had increased in size as a result of Fourchesac's magic.

As the winner of the tournament, Alex is crowned by his father, the king - and, as expected, Alex returns the crown to display his allegiance. At this point though, his voice is high pitched due to Twinkle's attempts at returning him to his original size earlier which causes the other characters to be unable to take him too seriously.